Pricing Case Study -

The Challenge

The Solution

Step 1: Acquire users

Step 2: Understand their needs

Step 3: Solve a quantifiable problem

From launch to 12K MRR in the first year

When going from launch to $10K MRR and beyond, there are countless things you need to build.

The obvious one that moves the needle is “how and for what should we charge?”

At launch with, we knew that we were going to charge the dentists, but our first goal was Monthly Active Users (MAU).

This created tension because we wanted to get dentists on the platform AND we needed to generate revenue.

The Challenge

The first step to build a successful company is acquiring users.

Every founder I work with has a timeline for how long they can build without revenue, BUT it is very difficult to find paying customers without users.

The conversion model that worked best for my companies has almost always been a free-trial or freemium model that lets the user access the tool and use it for themselves.

Then you can upsell users once they are in the platform and understand how it works.

It is much more difficult to convert someone to a paying customer if they don’t understand for themselves how the tool can make their life easier.

Here was our conversion flow for

Step 1: Acquire users

Step 2: Satiate their needs

Step 3: Solve a quantifiable problem and upsell