Generating 30+ B2B SaaS leads in a month with proven lead gen methods.

<aside> πŸš€ By Mike Blumenthal - SaaS Launch Partner


How it started

I was attracted to join Vic’s startup as CMO in late spring 2023 after only two meetings.

His endless curiosity to build with customers in mind and willingness to hustle (3 businesses before 18) made me certain he was going to be a winner.

In early June, we pivoted and re-launched the product from an affiliate marketplace (saturated with big competition) to an affiliate lead gen tool (blue ocean).

The tool utilizes AI/ML to find existing publishers and partners that have an existing brand and a captive audience similar to your company.

These affiliates are already posting content to your audience and the tool suggests partnership offers to them while providing contact information (email & social) to reach out.

Put simply, It solves a recurring problem for affiliate managers πŸ‘‡

<aside> πŸ’†β€β™‚οΈ The tedious and time-consuming task of finding and recruiting publishers to sell for you


Affistash uses a 3-Step process to help affiliate managers find and recruit hundreds of potential publishers and partners in only a few minutes

The 3-steps Affistash uses to find best-fit affiliates and partners for brands across the world

Step 1: Define your company and customer

Step 2: Automated Partner Discovery & Search Engine

Step 3: Partner Recruitment